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Education in Sevastopol

09/27/2018 13:15Investments in Sevastopol's cultural space amount to $380 million    ( Construction.RU )
A large-scale project to create an educational and cultural space on 13 kilometers of the coastline of Sevastopol will take five years and require 25 ...
07/07/2018 04:00In Sevastopol found the cemetery of the Imperial submarines    ( The Koz Telegram )
Scientists at Sevastopol found a graveyard of submarines of the Imperial ... zapravleny to future owners – the Russian Empire to Sevastopol by train.
05/14/2018 14:30University of Sevastopol has allocated more than 200 million rubles for the development of a ...    ( The Siver Telegram )
University of Sevastopol has allocated more than 200 million rubles for the ... of development of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2014– 2020”. ... Like robots already exist, however, the development of the Sevastopol ...
03/12/2018 00:10Neuronet to Help Drones Find Motherships    ( (press release) )
Scientists of the Nakhimov Black Sea Naval School (Sevastopol, Russia) are developing the automatic deck landing system for airplane-type UAVs using an intellectual synthetic vision. Specifically for this project, the drone is equipped with the vertical takeoff/landing (VTOL) system. Currently, the works ...
03/02/2018 16:40When You Though The Soviet Ways Were Destroyed These Naval Schools Shows You That You ...    ( Maritime Herald )
In addition, two higher schools that are not structurally part of the VUCC of the Navy, the Pacific and Sevastopol, will receive about 150 recruits each. The Military Training and Research Center of the Navy dates back to its history from the time of Peter the Great, when the Navigational School was ...
10/29/2017 00:30Sevastopol students join "Young Army" movement    ( vestnik kavkaza )
More than 1,500 students from 50 schools of Sevastopol joined the ranks of the "Young Army" all-Russian military-patriotic public movement.
08/30/2017 10:25Wesleyan art professor's art exhibit opens Sept. 13    ( Middletown Press )
Sasha Rudensky, Bus Station, Sevastopol, Ukraine, from the series ... has traveled back to Russia and the post-Soviet territories with her camera, ...
08/05/2017 06:30Two Photographers' Idyllic Images of Russia and England    ( VICE )
Two Photographers' Idyllic Images of Russia and England ... In 2015, Maria Gruzdeva started photographing in two of Russia's military boarding ... in her hometown of Moscow and a navy school on the Black Sea in Sevastopol.
07/11/2017 20:05Scientists discover furry spider in Iran, guess the 'Harry Potter' character it was named after    ( The News Minute )
... Nadolny, a taxonomist specializing in spiders, at the Institute of Marine Biological Research of Russian Academy of Sciences in Sevastopol, Russia.
07/08/2017 11:25Furry 'Harry Potter' Spider Discovered in Mountain Burrow    ( Live Science )
... a taxonomist who specializes in spiders at the Institute of Marine Biological Research of Russian Academy of Sciences in Sevastopol, Russia.
07/04/2017 19:30Training Drills of Russia's Black Sea Fleet Marine Corps Recruits    ( Sputnik International )
Marine Corps recruits of the spring conscription campaign of the Black Sea Fleet took part in a practical training in the field before taking the enlistment ...
06/29/2017 11:00The king will be him and the nobility to become    ( (press release) )
Senator Vyacheslav Timchenko announced plans for the development of the draft law on the introduction of the all-Russian Institute of honourable ...
05/10/2017 01:15Victory Day Parade in Sevastopol Gathers Thousands of Participants, Spectators    ( Sputnik International )
The members of the National guard of Russia and Yunarmia youth movement as well as students of the Nakhimov Naval School took part in the ...
03/28/2017 05:15Memory Watch organizations from 13 cities of Belarus, Russia gather in Brest Fortress    ( Belarus News (BelTA) )
I have already met three girls from Sevastopol. We have talked, compared the schools in Belarus and Russia,” Alexandra Nebyshinets said.
11/30/2016 06:05Military council of Russia's Black Sea Fleet resumed the results of the training year    ( PortNews IAA )
The extended session of the Military council of the Black Sea Fleet has taken place in Sevastopol under the presidency of its Commander Admiral ...
09/12/2016 02:45Russia Readies Futuristic Autonomous Combat Vehicle, Tiny Drone Tank for Battle    ( Sputnik International )
Russia's new Vikhr unmanned combat ground vehicle (UCGV) was ... at the Sevastopol-based Impulse-2 Scientific and Technical Center, told Sputnik.
04/24/2016 15:10Russia's Military Just Bought Five Bottlenose Dolphins and It Won't Say Why    ( )
But this week Russia's Ministry of Defense bought some dolphins — and it won't ... included a Ukrainian military dolphin training facility in Sevastopol.
02/23/2016 06:40Ukrainians Mark Maidan, Nationalists Ransack Russian Banks    ( Transitions Online )
Ukrainians Mark Maidan, Nationalists Ransack Russian Banks ... Meanwhile, authorities in Sevastopol have ordered schools to gather about 10,000 ...
02/18/2016 22:36Ukraine calls on global community to condemn Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine    ( Ukraine Today )
Ukraine calls on global community to condemn Russian aggression in ... and Sevastopol in the "Geneva plus" format with the help of EU institutions.
11/11/2015 12:40Robert Legvold on the New Cold War, Interview with Columbia University Professor and Leading ...    ( Huffington Post )
You have written a great deal about how Russia and the West are .... in Kiev would push the Russian fleet out of Sevastopol, and destroy Russia's ...


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